Friday, September 18, 2009


These are a few lip products that Iam loving right now and I cannot wait to purchase! You can buy all of these at Sephora! Iam defintely a "nude lip" kinda girl, so all these colors are in that color range! :)
***DuWop Lip Stain in Pure Nude $24.00***

***Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick $22.00*** (see color below)

*In Nude Scene*

***Lorac Lip Polish in Bliss (see color below) $4.99*** These are at discount prices and are only available at their website


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunless Tanning?

Okay so yes, Iam one of many girls that go to the tanning beds and fry our bodies with UV rays...well...thats what happens..soo. Anyways, I have been reading GREAT reviews about the Sunlove Tanning System. Of course I know how dangerous it is to tan in the tanning bed and outside, so I decided to try this out. Its only $45 before shipping. Its a tanning spray so I figured it wouldnt be messy and I should get it evenly on, with the help of someone.

So I just got it in the mail, and I was sooo anxious to try it out. I was going to let my boyfriend be the first to do said no. So I tried it out and....well..its ok! I mean it drips like if you keep spraying then it will drip everywhere! I actually think my problem was that I sprayed it too much lol. Because its just suppose to spray a mist over your body and face then let it set for 3 hours and you'll see the results. Haha well I think I wanted to see results instantly, so I sprayed a lot..and it got all sticky and yucky. So on that note, this product gives a VERY NATURAL look for sure. It is NOT orange AT ALL. So im going to play with this a bit and see what I can come up with. You can purchase this at

Monday, August 24, 2009

Products Im using!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Aveeno
Shower Gel: Bath&Body works sweet pea!
Styling products: Matrix Vavoom take me higher root lifter, and thats it :)
Body moisturiser: none :/
Deodorant: Secret..not sure of the scent;;
Fake Tan: none at the moment, but im going to buy Sunlove for the fall and winter!!!
Skincare: Clinique's 3-Step <---LOVE
Primer: none anymore....need a new one
Foundation: Estee Lauder Doublewear
Foundation brush: My fingers lol
Concealer: none :)
Powder: Mary Kay mineral powder
Blusher: Mac true romantic
Bronzer: none
Highlighter: none lol
Eyeshadow base: none, dont really need it
Eyeshadows: know I hardly EVER wear eyeshadow. If I do, then its a very neutral color.
Eyeliner: Covergirl perfect point, but Im going to change
Curler: oh gosh I have no idea...drugstore im sure
Mascara: at the moment LashBlast
Lipstick: Revlon Nude Attitude
Lipgloss: Loreal Colorjuice in Bubblegum
Nail Colour: Essie or Charlotte Russe :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Just a couple new hair pics...Im going back soon to get the back cut shorter. I want more of a "stacked" look. So hopefully it'll be right this time lol.

Some Goodies :)

Hey! I did some online shopping today. I really want to start getting into accessories!!! Im so lazy, it seems like it takes so long to have to stop and put on my watch! ha ha. But I found these amazing things on for CHEAP! So Im sure I can find time to wear them with some outfits! :)
I love these set of bracelets!! The colors are awesome! $1.30

I love this bracelet, especially for this winter!!! $1.30

I needed some new sunglasses, and these purple ones stood out to me, so I had to get em. $4.80

I love this set. The necklace might take a certain outfit, but i love brown and orange together, and of course those earrings to match!! $1.30

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So...I think im liking it

So I finally did it. I cut my hair && colored it! dangerous huh? :) Well She cut it a little shorter than I had wanted, but I cant cry about it now, its already done with. The color is okay, I just didnt really care to have that many highlightes. Overall..its okay, and Im satisfied.

Dont know why this one is so blurry...ugh!

Of course...a goofy face lol

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey loves! Tomorrow Im getting my haircut, and Iam sooo nervous lol. I havent had it cut in 2 years!! Its been trimmed but thats it. I also havent had highlights in over 2 years either, Ive just colored it a darker brown myself from the drugstore. My hair is fine and thin and the look I want I think wont look right on me. I want the angle bob, but not a short cute...maybe shoulder length. Anyways, here are a few pics Im takin to my hairdresser, lemme know what ya think!
I love this cut, I like the volume on the top

I like the length in this one, but i want more of an angled cut

I love how the back looks in this one, i like the "round" look lol

Monday, July 27, 2009

Love this!

I love this...I definetly wouldnt mind stealing this idea!!! haha check it out

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New hobby....reading??

I have been wanting to start getting into the flow of reading different books here lately...i know weirdO!! :) But I have always been drawn to different books, but always thought it was sooo boring to "read" lol. Well I have been reading some great reviews on Lauren Conrad's <---LOVE HER, new book "LA Candy", so im thinkin about buying it. I hope ill like it! If anyone has read it or reading it now, tell me if I should get it! Thanks guys! <3

Which Handbag?...hmmm

Hey loves! So Im turning 21 August 11th woo woo! Im so excited, finally right!! :) Well my lovely mother is going to buy me either a Tiffany charm bracelet or a new handbag, she even might swing both! But Im in NEED of a new handbag BAD! I have only really worn Dooney's and I really dont want another one. So my choices are, Burberry, Louis, or a Coach. Let me know what you think I should get, and if you have any other styles you love!!
Coach, I dont know what design I want though...not so much lovin this design though

Burberry, I think this one is my fav!

And of course the Louis...classic huh? Yeah I know, but I love it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its been a hot minute!!

Hey y'all!!! So yes, I have been super busy. Its finals week and I have been working on all kinds of stuff. But, I went on vacation to Chicago last week and I love it. I use to live there, and me and my fam went to visit again. I did have a great time, but what can I say...imma country girl!! But I really dont know what to "blog" about lol, yeah sounds crazy. But I hope everyone has a great night!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey! Babe is cooking us some Lasagna sooo I figured Id post a little survey to pass the time! Back to school tomorrow, booo I was enjoying my weekend! But anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed their day! Much love ;)

1.) What is your name? Jessica <3
2.) Do you find it annoying when surveys ask for your name? Um nah
3.) What do you plan to buy in the future? A house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.) Where did you get the underwear you are currently wearing? Aeropostale :)
5.) How many pairs of Converse do you own? Zero
6.) Who is your favorite “That ’70s Show” character? Kelso!
7.) There is a mummy standing behind you. What do you do? Freak out lol
8.) What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Um kinda whatever, I think she's just riding on her dad's fame...which isnt much LOL
9.) Do you tend to think that you are always right? YES
10.) Top Five Favorite Songs: Oh man, umm.. Deanna Carter-Strawberry Wine, Keith Whitley-When you say nothing at all, MercyMe-Spoken for, Edwin McCain-Ill be, Goo Goo dolls-Iris
11.) What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbie duh!
12.) Have you thought more about your funeral, or your wedding? Yes...both actually lol, wedding more often though lol
13.) Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns
14.) What is your favorite musical? Dont have one
15.) You need new jeans. Where do you go? Hollister or Abercrombie
16.) Do you play the Sims 2? Nope
17.) Do you think Harry Potter is at all immoral to read? Dont know, dont care!
18.) What do you think of Maroon 5? Love em
19.) What about Coldplay? Love em too
20.) Fall Out Boy? good
21.) Katy Perry? Loooove
22.) How about The All-American Rejects? YESSS
23.) Have you ever snuck into an R-rated movie when you weren’t old enough to see it without parents? nope
24.) The Wii or Xbox 360? Wii prolly
25.) Team Demi/Selena or Team Miley? Neither lol
26.) Do you know many Emily’s? Nope
27.) What do you think of the Jonas Brothers? Gay, sorry!
28.) Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out? Long time ago
29.) What is your favorite kind of Girlscout cookie? o0o0o uhh the caramel ones lol
30.) Do you enjoy surveys? When im bored
31.) What do you hear at the moment? American Idol, tribute to MJ.
32.) Why do you think so many people love myspace? Cause we're all shallow lol
33.) What do you think of people who do illegal drugs? they're losers
34.) Do you watch the Olympics? Sure
35.) What are your top five favorite stores? Victoria's Secret~AE~HCO~Charlotte Russe~Forever21
36.) Do you like the new Weezer album? Nope
37.) What did you think of Panic at the Disco taking out the exclamation point in their name? Dont like em
38.) What is the worst job you have ever had? Uh the one i have now lol i hate retail
39.) Have you ever been to Minnesota? nope
40.) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on TV? Oh gosh lol
41.) Do you watch informercials when there is nothing on? Yes lol
42.) What is your favorite Disney Show? Um not sure
43.) Have you ever seen the Wedding Singer? Yep
44.) Top five reasons people rank things: Boredom, idk
45.) Have you ever gone camping? yes and hate it
46.) What do you miss most about elementary school? recess lol
47.) What do you do when you want to fill out a survey, but none of your friends have posted surveys that you have not taken yet? haha umm dont take any, but that never happens
48.) What is your favorite kind of DQ Blizzard? Anything chocolate or cookie dough
49.) Has anything funny ever happened to you while in Wendy’s? haha uh no
50.) What is your current job? If you are applying anywhere, where? Stupid retail

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mini Haul!

Hey! So I did some shopping, not too many things. Im trying to figure some stuff out about school/work, so I wont be doing as much shoppin anymore :( I know its sad! But here are a few things that I got.

A very pretty dress from AE, $29.99
White shorts, which ive needed forever. Bought these at AE also, $24.95

I got some new Puma's! Yay, I love these shoes. I got em at Journey's for $80 ahhhh I know but I needed some good running shoes!

Welp, thats all folks...Sorry its so short, but Im tired..had a long day at work. Now waitin on my hunnie to cook for us! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camera Whore <3

Hey guys! So I figured id put up some more pics of me, the pup, and my man! I love takin pics, its good therapy lol! :) I hope everyone has a good thursday!

Haha he sleeps anywhere!!!!

So does this one lol

haha he was soooo sleepy, thats all he does is sleep and eat! :)

I just painted my toes, and yes you can tell where I messed up haha gaaaaaah!!!

haha he so hates takin pics, so this smile is worth it!

DoRk Face! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mini haul && review

Hey!!! So I have been in need of a new flat iron. The very first flat iron that I fell in love with was the original Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron. I absoultely loved that flat iron, it made my hair like silk! Unfortunetly it broke after a year and a half *tear*. Then I purchased a Solia for $80 and it wasnt that great at all. I still have it, and I dont think Im going to be using it much more...because.....I got a new Paul Mitchell flat iron! woo woo. Im so excited, and I love it. Its $175 I believe on I got mine at a salon here in NC. This is a really great flat iron, it only takes like 30 seconds to heat up. Im so glad I got it! :)

Shoeeeessssss!!!!!! Yes its love. My new Kristin Davis shoes. Wow I love em. They are my fav now. They're orignally $99 and I got em for..wait for it.....$39.99!!! Yeah man!

I got this makeup bag a couple weeks ago and im really enjoying it...believe it or not but when I was takin this pic, i realized that there was a pic inside the bag lol. I new that there was a design but I didnt realize it was a girl lol...but totally cute. I got it at VS for $5.99

Friday, June 19, 2009

Im goin out with my boots on!!

Hey hey! So Ive been looking everywhere for some cowboy boots to wear with summer dresses and jean shorts. Im very picky, i like the "worn" vinatge look. And I believe that I have finally found some. Check em out lovelies and tell me what ya think!? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Makeup Routine!

I thought Id share with you guys what I use on a daily basis! Ive been using these products for about a year or so, some ive tried that are pretty new and I will let you know what I think about them!

I have just started using Clinique's 3-Step System because I have had breakouts like no other! And let me tell you, Iam in LOVE! The second day after using the 3 products my skin was so much better! I use it religiously from now on!

Then when my face is all clean and soft, I then prep for my makeup. Before I used Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer...which I do love, but Im out :( So I got Lancome's T-zone gel. Its not classified as a primer, but I only put it on the areas where im oily...hence t-zone! :)

Then comes the mighty foundation! I dont think there is enough space to write how much in love I am with this foundation. Estee Lauder's Doublewear Foundation, I use Fresco in the winter, and Ivory Beige in the summer. Okay I worked for Lauder for 6 months and when I first tried this stuff I NEVER turned away. It has coverage like you have never seen coverage before in your life! It puts Mac's Studio Fix Fluid to shame! I know cause I have tried it. And it lasts all freakn day! Honestly! Love this stuff! It is pretty expensive...&32.50, but it will last you forever!

Next I apply Mac's Blot power in Medium Dark, which believe it or not is too light lol, since Ive been tanning. I only apply it to my t-zones!

Then my powder, I have been using maybelline's pure stay powder forever now, its really good and cheap. I use a powder brush and just swipe across certain areas to give some more color. I actually use number 50.

Blussssh! Mac's True Romantic is heaven! I found this bad boy at the CCO and fell in love. First I had tried Love Thing and it was way too red for me. But this color is perfect. I sometimes over due blush lol...gosh I cant help it, I never knew Mac's blushes were so darn pigmented!

Next we have the eyeliner. I line my top lid with Lancome's Artliner Liquid is amazing! Perfect applicator. I use brown.

I line my bottom line with cover girl's perfect point eyeliner in espresso. buuuuttt I think im going to change to revlon colorstay eyeliner, but after awhile this liner smudges....

Mascara! oh how I love mascara! I just bout the Colossal mascara from maybelline and its good. Not great but good. It smells like roses lol no lie. But it does make your lashes look long. The only problem is, is that when I go to take it off, all of it doesnt want to come off. I dont get waterproof because I hate waterproof mascaras, so Im not sure about that.

Saved the best for last! Mac's underage lipglass! When I found this stuff I knew I would definetly be purchasing this again. The smell is AMAAAAZZZZZING, it smells like cake..icing...just sweetness..and I love it!