Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey loves! Tomorrow Im getting my haircut, and Iam sooo nervous lol. I havent had it cut in 2 years!! Its been trimmed but thats it. I also havent had highlights in over 2 years either, Ive just colored it a darker brown myself from the drugstore. My hair is fine and thin and the look I want I think wont look right on me. I want the angle bob, but not a short cute...maybe shoulder length. Anyways, here are a few pics Im takin to my hairdresser, lemme know what ya think!
I love this cut, I like the volume on the top

I like the length in this one, but i want more of an angled cut

I love how the back looks in this one, i like the "round" look lol

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  1. I love all of these styles!! Good luck!! Make arue and post a pic of the result, Im sure it will look great!!