Friday, September 18, 2009


These are a few lip products that Iam loving right now and I cannot wait to purchase! You can buy all of these at Sephora! Iam defintely a "nude lip" kinda girl, so all these colors are in that color range! :)
***DuWop Lip Stain in Pure Nude $24.00***

***Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick $22.00*** (see color below)

*In Nude Scene*

***Lorac Lip Polish in Bliss (see color below) $4.99*** These are at discount prices and are only available at their website


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunless Tanning?

Okay so yes, Iam one of many girls that go to the tanning beds and fry our bodies with UV rays...well...thats what happens..soo. Anyways, I have been reading GREAT reviews about the Sunlove Tanning System. Of course I know how dangerous it is to tan in the tanning bed and outside, so I decided to try this out. Its only $45 before shipping. Its a tanning spray so I figured it wouldnt be messy and I should get it evenly on, with the help of someone.

So I just got it in the mail, and I was sooo anxious to try it out. I was going to let my boyfriend be the first to do said no. So I tried it out and....well..its ok! I mean it drips like if you keep spraying then it will drip everywhere! I actually think my problem was that I sprayed it too much lol. Because its just suppose to spray a mist over your body and face then let it set for 3 hours and you'll see the results. Haha well I think I wanted to see results instantly, so I sprayed a lot..and it got all sticky and yucky. So on that note, this product gives a VERY NATURAL look for sure. It is NOT orange AT ALL. So im going to play with this a bit and see what I can come up with. You can purchase this at

Monday, August 24, 2009

Products Im using!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Aveeno
Shower Gel: Bath&Body works sweet pea!
Styling products: Matrix Vavoom take me higher root lifter, and thats it :)
Body moisturiser: none :/
Deodorant: Secret..not sure of the scent;;
Fake Tan: none at the moment, but im going to buy Sunlove for the fall and winter!!!
Skincare: Clinique's 3-Step <---LOVE
Primer: none anymore....need a new one
Foundation: Estee Lauder Doublewear
Foundation brush: My fingers lol
Concealer: none :)
Powder: Mary Kay mineral powder
Blusher: Mac true romantic
Bronzer: none
Highlighter: none lol
Eyeshadow base: none, dont really need it
Eyeshadows: know I hardly EVER wear eyeshadow. If I do, then its a very neutral color.
Eyeliner: Covergirl perfect point, but Im going to change
Curler: oh gosh I have no idea...drugstore im sure
Mascara: at the moment LashBlast
Lipstick: Revlon Nude Attitude
Lipgloss: Loreal Colorjuice in Bubblegum
Nail Colour: Essie or Charlotte Russe :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Just a couple new hair pics...Im going back soon to get the back cut shorter. I want more of a "stacked" look. So hopefully it'll be right this time lol.

Some Goodies :)

Hey! I did some online shopping today. I really want to start getting into accessories!!! Im so lazy, it seems like it takes so long to have to stop and put on my watch! ha ha. But I found these amazing things on for CHEAP! So Im sure I can find time to wear them with some outfits! :)
I love these set of bracelets!! The colors are awesome! $1.30

I love this bracelet, especially for this winter!!! $1.30

I needed some new sunglasses, and these purple ones stood out to me, so I had to get em. $4.80

I love this set. The necklace might take a certain outfit, but i love brown and orange together, and of course those earrings to match!! $1.30

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So...I think im liking it

So I finally did it. I cut my hair && colored it! dangerous huh? :) Well She cut it a little shorter than I had wanted, but I cant cry about it now, its already done with. The color is okay, I just didnt really care to have that many highlightes. Overall..its okay, and Im satisfied.

Dont know why this one is so blurry...ugh!

Of course...a goofy face lol

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey loves! Tomorrow Im getting my haircut, and Iam sooo nervous lol. I havent had it cut in 2 years!! Its been trimmed but thats it. I also havent had highlights in over 2 years either, Ive just colored it a darker brown myself from the drugstore. My hair is fine and thin and the look I want I think wont look right on me. I want the angle bob, but not a short cute...maybe shoulder length. Anyways, here are a few pics Im takin to my hairdresser, lemme know what ya think!
I love this cut, I like the volume on the top

I like the length in this one, but i want more of an angled cut

I love how the back looks in this one, i like the "round" look lol