Saturday, July 25, 2009

Which Handbag?...hmmm

Hey loves! So Im turning 21 August 11th woo woo! Im so excited, finally right!! :) Well my lovely mother is going to buy me either a Tiffany charm bracelet or a new handbag, she even might swing both! But Im in NEED of a new handbag BAD! I have only really worn Dooney's and I really dont want another one. So my choices are, Burberry, Louis, or a Coach. Let me know what you think I should get, and if you have any other styles you love!!
Coach, I dont know what design I want though...not so much lovin this design though

Burberry, I think this one is my fav!

And of course the Louis...classic huh? Yeah I know, but I love it!


  1. So I am a coach and dooney girl.. I love love love coach!!! But I would love to have the Louis Bag!! I would say get that one!!! :)

  2. okay thanks girl...i will definetly keep that in mind! :)