Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Makeup Routine!

I thought Id share with you guys what I use on a daily basis! Ive been using these products for about a year or so, some ive tried that are pretty new and I will let you know what I think about them!

I have just started using Clinique's 3-Step System because I have had breakouts like no other! And let me tell you, Iam in LOVE! The second day after using the 3 products my skin was so much better! I use it religiously from now on!

Then when my face is all clean and soft, I then prep for my makeup. Before I used Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer...which I do love, but Im out :( So I got Lancome's T-zone gel. Its not classified as a primer, but I only put it on the areas where im oily...hence t-zone! :)

Then comes the mighty foundation! I dont think there is enough space to write how much in love I am with this foundation. Estee Lauder's Doublewear Foundation, I use Fresco in the winter, and Ivory Beige in the summer. Okay I worked for Lauder for 6 months and when I first tried this stuff I NEVER turned away. It has coverage like you have never seen coverage before in your life! It puts Mac's Studio Fix Fluid to shame! I know cause I have tried it. And it lasts all freakn day! Honestly! Love this stuff! It is pretty expensive...&32.50, but it will last you forever!

Next I apply Mac's Blot power in Medium Dark, which believe it or not is too light lol, since Ive been tanning. I only apply it to my t-zones!

Then my powder, I have been using maybelline's pure stay powder forever now, its really good and cheap. I use a powder brush and just swipe across certain areas to give some more color. I actually use number 50.

Blussssh! Mac's True Romantic is heaven! I found this bad boy at the CCO and fell in love. First I had tried Love Thing and it was way too red for me. But this color is perfect. I sometimes over due blush lol...gosh I cant help it, I never knew Mac's blushes were so darn pigmented!

Next we have the eyeliner. I line my top lid with Lancome's Artliner Liquid is amazing! Perfect applicator. I use brown.

I line my bottom line with cover girl's perfect point eyeliner in espresso. buuuuttt I think im going to change to revlon colorstay eyeliner, but after awhile this liner smudges....

Mascara! oh how I love mascara! I just bout the Colossal mascara from maybelline and its good. Not great but good. It smells like roses lol no lie. But it does make your lashes look long. The only problem is, is that when I go to take it off, all of it doesnt want to come off. I dont get waterproof because I hate waterproof mascaras, so Im not sure about that.

Saved the best for last! Mac's underage lipglass! When I found this stuff I knew I would definetly be purchasing this again. The smell is AMAAAAZZZZZING, it smells like cake..icing...just sweetness..and I love it!


  1. I look your makeup in the pretty and you look gorgeous! really enjoyed reading your post so thanks x

  2. Hey girl- my ex is harassing me on my blog so I am going to have to change my address. Email me to and I can give you the new address.