Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey! Babe is cooking us some Lasagna sooo I figured Id post a little survey to pass the time! Back to school tomorrow, booo I was enjoying my weekend! But anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed their day! Much love ;)

1.) What is your name? Jessica <3
2.) Do you find it annoying when surveys ask for your name? Um nah
3.) What do you plan to buy in the future? A house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.) Where did you get the underwear you are currently wearing? Aeropostale :)
5.) How many pairs of Converse do you own? Zero
6.) Who is your favorite “That ’70s Show” character? Kelso!
7.) There is a mummy standing behind you. What do you do? Freak out lol
8.) What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Um kinda whatever, I think she's just riding on her dad's fame...which isnt much LOL
9.) Do you tend to think that you are always right? YES
10.) Top Five Favorite Songs: Oh man, umm.. Deanna Carter-Strawberry Wine, Keith Whitley-When you say nothing at all, MercyMe-Spoken for, Edwin McCain-Ill be, Goo Goo dolls-Iris
11.) What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbie duh!
12.) Have you thought more about your funeral, or your wedding? Yes...both actually lol, wedding more often though lol
13.) Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns
14.) What is your favorite musical? Dont have one
15.) You need new jeans. Where do you go? Hollister or Abercrombie
16.) Do you play the Sims 2? Nope
17.) Do you think Harry Potter is at all immoral to read? Dont know, dont care!
18.) What do you think of Maroon 5? Love em
19.) What about Coldplay? Love em too
20.) Fall Out Boy? good
21.) Katy Perry? Loooove
22.) How about The All-American Rejects? YESSS
23.) Have you ever snuck into an R-rated movie when you weren’t old enough to see it without parents? nope
24.) The Wii or Xbox 360? Wii prolly
25.) Team Demi/Selena or Team Miley? Neither lol
26.) Do you know many Emily’s? Nope
27.) What do you think of the Jonas Brothers? Gay, sorry!
28.) Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out? Long time ago
29.) What is your favorite kind of Girlscout cookie? o0o0o uhh the caramel ones lol
30.) Do you enjoy surveys? When im bored
31.) What do you hear at the moment? American Idol, tribute to MJ.
32.) Why do you think so many people love myspace? Cause we're all shallow lol
33.) What do you think of people who do illegal drugs? they're losers
34.) Do you watch the Olympics? Sure
35.) What are your top five favorite stores? Victoria's Secret~AE~HCO~Charlotte Russe~Forever21
36.) Do you like the new Weezer album? Nope
37.) What did you think of Panic at the Disco taking out the exclamation point in their name? Dont like em
38.) What is the worst job you have ever had? Uh the one i have now lol i hate retail
39.) Have you ever been to Minnesota? nope
40.) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on TV? Oh gosh lol
41.) Do you watch informercials when there is nothing on? Yes lol
42.) What is your favorite Disney Show? Um not sure
43.) Have you ever seen the Wedding Singer? Yep
44.) Top five reasons people rank things: Boredom, idk
45.) Have you ever gone camping? yes and hate it
46.) What do you miss most about elementary school? recess lol
47.) What do you do when you want to fill out a survey, but none of your friends have posted surveys that you have not taken yet? haha umm dont take any, but that never happens
48.) What is your favorite kind of DQ Blizzard? Anything chocolate or cookie dough
49.) Has anything funny ever happened to you while in Wendy’s? haha uh no
50.) What is your current job? If you are applying anywhere, where? Stupid retail


  1. Your dog is so cute! I love your hair too:) What do you use?

  2. Thanks! I dont really use anything special. I vary from shampoos, right now im using Aveeno and i love it. Other than that I dont use any other products but maybe a serum to tame them frizzies :) But i straighten it with a Paul Mitchell Falt Iron!