Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mini haul && review

Hey!!! So I have been in need of a new flat iron. The very first flat iron that I fell in love with was the original Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron. I absoultely loved that flat iron, it made my hair like silk! Unfortunetly it broke after a year and a half *tear*. Then I purchased a Solia for $80 and it wasnt that great at all. I still have it, and I dont think Im going to be using it much more...because.....I got a new Paul Mitchell flat iron! woo woo. Im so excited, and I love it. Its $175 I believe on I got mine at a salon here in NC. This is a really great flat iron, it only takes like 30 seconds to heat up. Im so glad I got it! :)

Shoeeeessssss!!!!!! Yes its love. My new Kristin Davis shoes. Wow I love em. They are my fav now. They're orignally $99 and I got em for..wait for it.....$39.99!!! Yeah man!

I got this makeup bag a couple weeks ago and im really enjoying it...believe it or not but when I was takin this pic, i realized that there was a pic inside the bag lol. I new that there was a design but I didnt realize it was a girl lol...but totally cute. I got it at VS for $5.99

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