Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mascara Review

So, I recently made a purchase at MAC and I used a coupon code...yes im cheap! :) And they sent me a sample of the zoomlash mascara. Iam so shocked that I havent heard any reviews on this mascara yet, i mean its amazing. The consistency of it is so great. It doesnt dry out like most mascaras. When I use it, it is sorta.....wet?! I It seperates and lengthens...oh i just love it. You know, all the MAC lovers out there always talk about everything...eyeshadow, foundation, brushes..etc...but you never hear em talk about the mascara!

I tried covergirl's lashblast...and it dried out like in 2 thats a no. But yeah if anyone else has tried it...let me know how it worked for you.


  1. Hey girl just to let you know I gave you an award on my page =)

  2. I love MAC zoom lash! I use it all the time but I like to layer it with another mascara tho cuz it does tend to get a little thick if I put too much of it, so I use a thinner mascara over it.


  3. isnt it amazing??????!!! You are so right, why don't we see too many reviews on it? Thanks for doing one :-)

  4. I kept wondering about MAC mascara and whether it was any good. I didn't want to waste my money in case I didn't like it but I might just invest in it now!Thanks x