Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just A Few Facts!

Current obsession- Tanning :)

Weirdest obsession- Well I mess with my hair all the time, one time i did it for like 20 minutes straight and didnt even realize it lol

Wearing today- HCO Tee, A&F Jean capris, Rainbows.

Favorite comfort food- Chicken!!!!

You'd like to learn to: Another language

Last thing you bought- Gas....grrr!

Listening to right now- Loud air conditioner ugh!

Favorite weather- Fall

Most challenging goal now- School

Anywhere to live- Chicago, the beach, or italy

Want in your hands now- A million bucks....yup yup

Anywhere for an hour- The beach omg!!

Language to learn- Spanish/french

Look for in a friend- respect/humor

Meet in person- Rob Dyrdek and Jason Aldean <---yummy :)

Favorite type of music- Country, old rock, R&B, pop, mostly anything

Favorite clothing owned- Jeans....and

Dream job- Radiology

$100 to spend on- Clothes or makeup! lol

Pet peeve- People that cant drive, people that stare at you while you're eating!!!

Who do you admire- Mom of course

Personal style- Classy

Favorite beauty product- Mascara!

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